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Kevin Owens’ brother, Ken, debuted on Raw this week

Kevin Owens detests liars, to such a degree that he’s willing to make himself one just to try to catch someone else in a lie. He was already a liar, of course, but this just makes it even more pronounced.

In this instance, that meant debuting his older brother, Ken, who is totally real and not at all made up, in order to catch Ezekiel in the lie that he’s actually Elias. But he is not Elias, he is Ezekiel, and, because he’s a decent man, he took Ken at his word, infuriating Kevin, leading to his exposing his own ruse.

It made for fantastic television.

Also fantastic? Owens, still seething but trying to calm down, losing it while being interviewed after the show:

Who would have thought that this angle would be among the best things WWE has going today?

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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