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Just leave the title on Roman Reigns for another few years

Wrestling: WWE-Wrestlemania Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Roman Reigns is on the run of a lifetime, doing easily the best work of his career over these past couple years. He’s been Universal champion for 609 days and counting, having won the title in Aug. 2020. He’s also been WWE champion for 28 days and counting, having won that title early last month at WrestleMania 38.

What he’s done in that time is nothing short of amazing. Naturally, it raises an obvious question, one that raises perhaps an even more interesting question.

Question: Who the hell is going to beat him for the title?

More interesting: should that even happen?

It wasn’t long ago I was making the point that there isn’t even anyone on the entirety of the SmackDown brand well established enough to challenge him for the title, outside of maybe Drew McIntyre. Sure enough, he was moved into that slot on this past week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

But while he has enough credibility to be a contender, I’m not sure he has enough to be the guy to end a run like this. The only guy I could see having that, all things considered, is Brock Lesnar, and Reigns just beat him to unify the titles just one month ago.

So who will it be?

I think I’m to a point where I’m ready to argue he should become a modern day Bruno Sammartino. There is no one on the roster, on either brand, who stands above Reigns or even has the potential to. Lesnar fits the mold but with where he is in his career, it makes more sense to me to simply allow Reigns to make history and leave the title on him for longer than we’ve ever seen in the modern era.

Are the ratings really going to change if, say, Seth Rollins beats him for the title? Or even former AEW star Cody Rhodes? Or literally anyone on the roster?

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