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So what’s next for Tommaso Ciampa?

WWE has made much of Tommaso Ciampa’s match against Tony D’Angelo, one he lost, being his final match in NXT after a seven year run there. It was an emotionally charged finish, and they’ve kept it going by putting out videos like this showcasing some of the behind-the-scenes of it while he speaks again on how much NXT has meant to him:

So the question becomes — what the hell is next for him?

Ciampa didn’t appear on WWE television over the past week, missing Monday Night Raw, NXT 2.0, and Friday Night SmackDown, even while others — like Gunther and Raquel Gonzalez — were called up to the main roster. He is still listed on as a member of the NXT roster, despite everything that has happened.

Also making the waters muddy is the fact that he’s appeared on both the red and blue brand over the past month or so.

There haven’t been many rumors surrounding his future either, with only some light talk that he was pitched for Edge’s new stable on Raw. But that side has quite a bit of top level talent already and a decent enough mid-card to support it. To my eyes, SmackDown looks more needy for challengers to all of its champions.

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