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Lynch mocks Tony Khan, names possible funders of ‘staunch anti-Becky in arena booers’

Whether there’s a real independent study behind it or not, AEW owner & president Tony Khan achieved his goal by smacking the online wrestling hornet’s nest yesterday when he hinted WWE is responsible for a lot of the social media messaging critical of his company.

That goal, of course, being to get a reaction. Part of that reaction involved the tweet being the subject of jokes, en route to its inevitable status as a meme. The highest profile joke came from WWE’s own queen of Twitter $#!+-stirring, Becky Lynch.

The Man also provided us with a list of people she suspects of planting haters in venues around the world, a who’s who of legends Lynch has or would like to face... including one of her bosses:

As many have pointed out, Becky is onto something here. Since a lot of fans still want to cheer her, WWE does pipe in boos during many of her television appearances. It only makes the joke funnier, in my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

If you’re tired of anything resembling AEW/WWE shots, some of TK’s employees had fun with his tweet, too.

Evil Uno even used it to plug something, just like his boss! The Dark Order founder’s cause is more noble than “WATCH RAMPAGE” though...

Fun stuff. Now who wants to join me in funding Evil Uno’s staunch anti-anti-LGBTQ+ online community?

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