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Lacey Evans is back, with a sad life story to tell

The last time we saw Lacey Evans, she was a villain embroiled in a feud with Charlotte Flair that ran so deep she got pregnant and implied Ric Flair was the father. It was pretty crazy stuff!

The pregnancy was real (though Ric, of course, is not the father) and she disappeared from television soon after to handle family business.

Well, she’s back now, and, in a surprise, she’s working babyface telling the sad story of her early life:

The long and short of it is she was born in a small town in Georgia and life was rough because her father had mental health issues on top of being addicted to drugs and alcohol. There was physical, mental, and emotional abuse and before she could even start elementary school, her mother loaded her up with all their belongings and escaped, moving all around from place to place as they struggled to make it. She refused to give up and while she may not have had the same straight shot to stardom as others, that’s okay because that’s what makes her different from everyone else. She’s a “motivated, confident, caring mother, wife, sister, daughter, United States Marine, and WWE Superstar. That doesn’t make me any better than these other WWE Superstars, but they damn sure ain’t better than me.”

Like I said, it’s a pretty big break from how she was presented before she left in early 2021. Will the fans forget all that and take to her now that they know her backstory?

We shall see.

Anyway here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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