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Sasha Banks admits she has a very difficult decision to make between WWE and Hollywood

She may not be pushed as the top women’s wrestler in WWE, but many wrestling fans believe Sasha Banks is the biggest star in WWE. Her recent foray in Hollywood where she joined the cast of The Mandalorian was a major step towards transcending the wrestling industry. It’s no wonder she thinks she can become a global superstar of The Rock’s magnitude.

During an interview on Impaulsive with Logan Paul, Sasha was asked if she is going to take over the world as that level of star. She is confident that she will, but admits she will have to make a very difficult decision between WWE and Hollywood when the right time comes:

“Yes I am. It’s kind of really hard to do with the WWE schedule. I mean, when I shot The Mandalorian last year, it went from doing TV, doing live events, and then just getting on a plane going to [Los Angeles], shooting all week, getting on a red-eye, going back to TV, putting my hair in, taking my hair out, for three months. And it was

So if I’m going to take over the world, it’s like, I got to choose one or the other. And that’s the hard part to think of, because wrestling has been my life, my whole life. So when that time and that opportunity comes, I really have to sit back and think what’s next, you know? It is full time Hollywood? It it full time doing something else that I have passions about? Or is it still being here and making more history and changing the game, and leaving a legacy that’s forever cemented?

But I feel like I’ve already done that, you know? I feel like I’m already a Hall of Famer...what is that last legacy piece that I can leave here? I’m still searching for it.”

If I was a betting man, I’d say Sasha is bolting WWE for Hollywood at some point in the future. It just seems like a no-brainer decision in so many ways. And hey, if she leaves WWE and becomes a major Hollywood star, then she can always return to WWE as a part-timer and enjoy all the spoils that come with that status, like winning Royal Rumble matches, not wrestling on television, and cutting in front of the full time roster members for prominent spots on future WrestleMania cards.

What do you think the future holds for Sasha Banks, Cagesiders?

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