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Check out the new NXT championship belt

At Stand & Deliver, Mandy Rose showed up with a newly designed NXT Women’s championship. It wasn’t radically different, and the big change was away from a strictly metallic looks to a more colorful background behind the “X” logo.

The tweak fits with the overall rebrand for WWE’s developmental flagship since last summer. The black-and-gold era is over, and in its place we’re getting the more colorful NXT 2.0. Once they made the change to the Women’s singles title, we wondered if all the show’s belts wouldn’t be getting a touch-up. Sure enough, one night after he won the NXT championship back on Raw, Bron Breakker showed up on Tues., April 5 with a brighter men’s strap.

WWE’s cameras didn’t give us a great look at it last night, but there’s a Story on the NXT Instagram where we can get a better idea of the new look belt.

WWE NXT’s Instagram

I don’t mind it myself, nor would I mind if we saw similar tweaks made to the brand’s Tag belts. Hope they leave the North American championship alone, though. That’s nice just the way it is.

Your take, Cagesiders?

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