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WWE just rebuilt the women’s tag scene and they’re tearing it back down

The WWE Women’s Tag Team championship wasn’t defended on television in December of last year. After Carmella & Queen Zelina had one match for the belt in January, not only wasn’t the title defended in February, but the champs didn’t work any singles or tag bouts on Raw or SmackDown.

Despite all that, WWE did a pretty impressive job rebuilding the scene for WrestleMania. The teams came together late, sure. But they meshed well and delivered quality matches up to and especially at ‘Mania, where Sasha Banks & Naomi won the belts from Mella & Zelina.

With strong champions and at least three established teams coming out of the Showcase of the Immortals, you’d think maybe the company had turned a page and was going to take the Women’s Tag titles seriously.

Or... on the Raw after ‘Mania they could split up the former champs, and tease a split between the other babyface team.

The break-up of Carmella & Queen Z has been building for weeks. And it kind of makes sense seeing as Mella is about to take some time off to get married. Then you remember they could just keep her off TV for a few weeks like they did when she was a champion. But whatever, I don’t think too many people are broken up about that break-up.

Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley on the other hand seemed like they could be on to something, and not just because they titillated folks of all identities and sexualities with their gear, entrances, and generally flirtatious interactions. Both performers have kind of drifted along at the edge of the singles title picture for a while. Fans saw potential in the pairing; something for two talented people to do until another solo storyline opened up.

Maybe that’s what’s happening, it’s just sooner than we thought. But after Ripley & Morgan lost a Championship Contender’s Match to Banks & Naomi, Rhea rebuffed Liv and left alone.

They made up later (and are still getting a title shot next week even though they lost the Contender’s Match, but that’s a whole ‘nother rant), but with rumors about Ripley possibly joining Edge’s new blue-lit team, don’t be surprised if she kicks Morgan’s ass next Monday.

Ah well. We still have Natalya & Shayna Baszler.


Has anyone checked on Nattie & Shayna?

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