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MVP’s reason for turning on Bobby Lashley will sound familiar to released talent

On the April 4 Raw after WrestleMania, Montell Vontavious Porter switched allegiances.

He dropped the man he’s been assisting and speaking for since 2020, Bobby Lashley. And I do mean dropped him — clocking him from behind, working him over with some ground & pound, then hitting him with the Player’s Boot.

MVP did so in order to align himself with Omos. The storyline reason was pretty clear as the scene played out, but in case you missed it, Porter explained in a backstage interview: Lashley forgot who got him to the top, whereas Omos needs and appreciates his guidance.

On Twitter however, he had a more cutting justification for turning on the All Mighty former WWE champion:

“Cutting”... see what I did there? Anyway...

Pretty good one liner. And referencing WWE’s — and now AEW’s too — justification for letting wrestlers go is a good way to get heat.

Now we wait and see if The Hurt Business makes record profits, too.

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