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KO/Rhodes dark match featured Young Bucks shoutout, The Rock’s mom, ‘Thank You Cody’ chant

The wrestling world’s attention is on Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE at WrestleMania 38, and the babyface pursuit of the company’s top belt he announced on Raw last night (April 4). So him working a dark match to close out the company’s run in North Texas was always going to catch our eye, especially since he wrestled newly-minted ‘Mania main eventer Kevin Owens.

But a couple other things happened to make the scene even more noteworthy. For one, though this started with a show of love & respect...

...then during the match KO was back to heeling it up, taunting Rhodes with the signature pose of his friends — and Cody’s former co-workers (and maybe former friends?) — The Young Bucks:

And Matt & Nick noticed...

Young Bucks’ Twitter

Rhodes won, of course, or else “Cody loses second match back in WWE” probably would have been the headline. After pinning KO with Cross Rhodes sent the Dallas crowd home with a promo. There’s curiosity about how his sincere face act will play with the 2022 WWE Universe™, and whether or not the mixed reactions from AEW would follow the American Nightmare to his new home. So far, so good on that front. On this night, with this crowd anyway:

We’re definitely still in the honeymoon phase, and it’s tough to boo a guy who’s praising you and introducing one legend’s godchild after hugging another’s mom. That’s The Rock’s mom Ata Johnson Cody embraces partway through kicking Kev’s butt in this clip...

A lot going in less than ten minute match! Let us know what you make of it in the comments below.

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