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We didn’t get a traditional Raw After WrestleMania this year

One of the big things to be excited about with WrestleMania season this year was that full crowds were back, and traveling is much easier than it has been at any time over the past couple years. The pandemic is still going, for certain, but life feels much more like normal these days.

The hope, then, was that the “Raw After WrestleMania” this year would be like a traditional “Raw After WrestleMania”. In some ways it was, but in many other ways it wasn’t.

We did get some surprises and kinda/sorta big angles — like Cody Rhodes’ promo, of course, Elias returning with a slightly altered look and claiming to be his younger brother, Ezekiel, Bron Breakker winning the NXT championship, and MVP turning on Bobby Lashley to align with Omos — but that feels woefully short of what we normally get with shows like this, or at least have traditionally.

There were no big returns many were expecting, or at least hoping for, like Bayley, or Asuka. There were no surprise NXT call ups, even with Breakker’s NXT title win. Hell, the main event segment of the show was Roman Reigns showing up with both titles, telling us to watch SmackDown this week, and then fading to black.

The show was still good, and it felt like those three hours flew by, but I guess I expected more out of the show they themselves promoted as the biggest Raw of the year?

I’m certainly not mad about it. Like I said, the show was still good! Veer came!

But I do miss Bayley and Asuka.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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