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Pat Mac says he didn’t know he was taking a Stunner from Stone Cold at WrestleMania

Pat McAfee had a hell of a night (and whole weekend, really) in Texas. And after a wild series of events which saw him win his first match on the main roster at WrestleMania 38, then take a pin from 76 year old Vince McMahon, McAfee shared a beer with Steve Austin and get what happens to everyone who trust the Texas Rattlesnake — a Stone Cold Stunner.

His sell was of the Shane McMahon school of Stunner sells, and quite simply amazing*. What’s more amazing? To hear Pat tell it, he didn’t know it was coming.

Now, as long time McAfee fans know**, Pat keeps kayfabe on his streaming daily sports talk show. Adam Cole is still a scumbag on The Pat McAfee Show. Today (April 4), he was selling Vince punting a football into his ribs just as much as he was the hangover he got from Broken Skull IPAs during the show and Maker’s Mark after it.

So take Pat saying he had no idea Stone Cold was coming out after the McMahon match (which McAfee doesn’t recognize as official, declaring it a case of Vince abusing his power) with a grain of salt.

It was still one of many fun, and revealing, anecdotes from his recap of the weekend:

“I was sitting there just befuddled by everything that was going on in my life right there. You know, I’m not good enough in that business for everything that — there was a lot of trust that was placed upon me, I think, that [in] hindsight should not have been. Cause I’m in there like, ‘God damn, I should have been given a heads up.’ How many times have I done this? Three times? I’ve done this three times... they were really confident in me figuring some stuff out, I guess.”

It is remarkable McAfee got this kind of spot in only his third WWE match, but the dedication and humility evident in that answer is a big reason why they do trust him.

Austin & McMahon will also like how Pat sold the Stunner on his show. He covered for Vince’s less-than-stunning Stunner sell by hyping the power of Stone Cold’s set-up foot:

“Everybody talks about the Stunner. You should feel the kick. The kick before it, BOOM, right to the guts.”

This guy is a born sports entertainer.



* I’m working on a post ranking all the weekend’s Stunner Sells, and don’t want to give too much away. But McAfee’s tied for first on my list.

** We need a name... MacManiacs? Pat’s Punters? I’m working on about three hours sleep here, help me AHT!

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