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Mark Henry tied WrestleMania 38 match into one of his infamous WWE angles

Who says they don’t do long-term storytelling?

Mark Henry’s Attitude Era “Sexual Chocolate” gimmick was a mess in a lot of ways. One of the less offensive* storylines involved him romancing septuagenarian WWE legend Mae Young. That angle culminated in Young giving birth to Henry’s baby, which for some reason was just a human hand.

It was so ridiculous, it became famous — a meme before memes existed. WWE’s had some fun with it over the years, like when Henry & Young’s now-grown hand child returned for Raw 1000 in 2012.

Jokes about Mark’s “son” still pop up from time to time, even though he works for AEW now. But while he may now be the guy who tells us when it’s time for the main event every Friday on Rampage, Henry also is part of the Busted Open team, and still keeps an eye on WWE.

He was watching last night when Johnny Knoxville and Team Jackass brought their “High Five” stunt to Knoxville’s WrestleMania 38 match with Sami Zayn. And Mizark was ready with something to tie the April 3, 2022 match to his angle from 22 years ago...


* Henry was also a sex addict who slept with his sister during this period. And we’re not even going to get into the transphobic bit with Chyna. So, yes, knocking up a 77 year old who then had his hand baby was one of the less offensive “Sexual Chocolate” angles.

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