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KO & Sami Forever

Through different promotions, brands, names & gimmicks, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have seemingly always been linked. Teaming together or trying to end each other, the two French-Canadians have been doing this wild, wonderful pro wrestling thing together since 2002.

In recent months, news broke they’d both decided to re-sign with WWE. This raised some eyebrows, since neither man was being positioned atop the company’s card despite consistently being on television. Some fans and industry observers speculated or even hoped Owens and Zayn would test the market. Maybe to sign with a certain elite alternative where they’d get more creative freedom and a bigger push?

Then WrestleMania 38 happened, and reminded us every push doesn’t have to be toward a World title.

Owens closed night one in a spot everyone in wrestling history would have wanted — as Stone Cold Steve Austin’s opponent in his first match in 19 years, possibly supplanting The Rock as the last person the Texas Rattlesnake ever wrestles. Zayn got a middle of the card spot on night two, but delivered one of the most entertaining matches in WrestleMania history, bumping his ass off for Johnny Knoxville & the entire Jackass team.

It meant a lot to fans who’ve been following KO and Sami since they were Steenerico in ROH & PWG 15 years ago. It also meant a lot to the two men who’ve described themselves as being more like brothers than just friends.

This weekend’s event linked the two again, something they furthered by tweeted about each other during the other’s time in the ‘Mania spotlight. And I’ll confess to getting a little verklempt reading their messages again today...

And if that doesn’t get you? Have this from Gorilla Position and Twitter’s preeminent chronicler of Kev & Sam’s Excellent Adventure...

KO & Sami (and Bex) Forever.

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