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Everybody loves Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai’s Twitter

During her Shimmer run in the mid-2010s, Evie was one of my favorites wrestlers on the indies. Like many others, I had high hopes when she signed with WWE in 2017, but even with the Diva’s Revolution/Women’s Evolution in full swing, you knew talent wasn’t a guarantee of success.

Her run in NXT is full of what ifs? What if she and Tegan Nox ever had a chance to finish their feud? What if she’d been booked to win the Women’s championship during her program with Raquel González, or what if Kai & González’s Tag title runs had lasted longer than three days combined? It’s been clear WWE didn’t see in her what a lot of fans did, so it’s not surprising she reportedly opted to bet on herself rather than sign another deal for more of the same.

Kai, who I guess will return to going by Evie now, was also able to walk away knowing she accomplished a lot — much of it while NXT was arguably the best wrestling show going. The turn on Nox at WarGames in 2019 was a classic moment, and the Tag accolades & singles title shots tell you WWE wasn’t unaware of her gifts. Heck, just being a constant television presence is no small thing. She put on great matches with a wide range of wrestlers, working in tandem with fellow greats and helping newer one learn the craft.

But don’t take my word for it. The Captain of Team Kick is appreciated and loved by a lot of the people she’s worked with over the past five years...

Could WWE have done more with her? Absolutely. But it was a hell of a run in NXT for the Captain of Team Kick. She’s probably got a 30 day non-compete, but after that, the world is hers again. Whatever Evie decides to do in it, there’s gonna be a lot of us watching and rooting her on.

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