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WrestleMania 38 results: Bobby Lashley defeats Omos

The undefeated Omos was looking for a challenge at WrestleMania 38, and he got one in the form of Bobby Lashley. Was the All Mighty powerful enough to give the Colossus his first singles loss?

Things looked promising for Bobby before the match began because he received a fancier entrance than Omos. That sort of thing matters when trying to figure out who the booker is trying to put some shine on.

This was the longest singles match of Omos’ career, going roughly six and a half minutes. Omos dominated the early going, including a scary spot where it looked like the back of Bob’s skull hit the ringpost while Omos was ramming him back-first into the corner buckles.

Lashley came back with babyface fire, including this STUPENDOUS suplex:

The All Mighty followed up with a running spear to Omos’ kidneys, and that was enough to score the pin fall victory.

And just like that, the big man Omos has finally been chopped down after a year of pure dominance.

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