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WrestleMania 38 results: A new ally assists Edge in dream match with AJ Styles

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The match between AJ Styles and Edge achieved the big fight feel as soon as the two legends entered AT&T Stadium on Sun., April 3 for their WrestleMania 38 dream match.

Styles walked down the ramp bleeding from his cheek, reportedly because he “clipped the set” on his way out. Edge was engulfed in flame by design, rising on the “Throne of Omnipotence” his latest heel character’s been talking about in the build for this feud.

The two legends were evenly matched at the start, but AJ made the first mistake as Edge got his knees up on a springboard 450 attempt.

From there it became a war of attrition. Styles sold a shoulder injury (we were told at one point it was separated and he popped it back into the socket). The Phenomenal One fought back, targeting Edge’s back.

Each man was able to kick out of each other’s big moves, and escape every submission he attempted.

In the end, it was the emergence of an outsider that turned the tide. Styles was going for a Phenomenal Forearm after Edge kicked out of Styles Clash...

...when former United States champion Damian Priest appeared looking very Brood-y.

The distraction allowed Edge to hit a mid-air spear counter, and pick up the win. Afterwards, he posed with Priest. It seems we met the first member of The Iconoclast’s new stable at WrestleMania.

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