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Rick BOOGS comments on WrestleMania injury

His name is Rick BOOGS, and he came to rock WrestleMania 38. He and Shinsuke Nakamura did, along with The Usos in the first match of the two-night event in Arlington, Texas.

Unfortunately, after getting the hot tag and showing off his amazing strength with a squat suplex, on a second spot with Jimmy & Jey both on his shoulder, Boogs’ quad patella tendon tore.

WWE confirmed Boogs will need surgery during the show last night (April 2), and an internet search tells us that means he’ll probably be out for at least six months. If this Instagram from Nak’s axe and hype-man is any indication though, I wouldn’t bet against Rick beating estimates.

From the highest of highs to lowest of lows. Having my beautiful wife with me to experience my first WrestleMania. Getting the incredible opportunity to open the show! Being able to demonstrate brute strength in front of millions of viewers! Unfortunately, the doctor told me my quad was too strong for the tendon and it was flexing so hard, it ripped the tendon totally off the bone. I’m still incredibly grateful for the experience and for all the love and support. History proves I will come back bigger, better, and stronger. IT’S A MINDSET

Those are some strong quads. Maybe skip a leg day every once in a while? Seriously, just take care of yourself BOOGS, and do whatever the medical folks tell you to.

We’ll be ready to ROCK when you get back.

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