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Cody shared a moment with his ‘favorite wrestler’ Triple H before WrestleMania debut

Yes, he mentions his ‘Thronebreaker’ period in AEW. And also talks about the importance of having The Game’s protege Seth Rollins as his first WWE opponent in six years.

Cody Rhodes met with the press earlier today (April 3), answering questions about his return to WWE last night at WrestleMania 38 in AT&T Stadium.

The entire scrum is full of interesting items, some of which have been covered in other interviews. One that Cody expanded on here is a moment with Triple H, who Rhodes has revealed is his favorite wrestler. He also talks about how that played into some of things he did as a performer in AEW, and into his first WWE match in six years Saturday night in Texas.

“We did speak, and I think Triple H did it in such a Triple H fashion. Everyone had come on the bus [where Cody’s was hiding before his match] to say hello, to talk a little bit about what may happen — the very last one was Triple H, and whew... this has been a wild, tear-filled weekend, but it was just a good moment. Also just to see him healthy. And I know retirement came as it did, but to do some justice, not only to see my favorite wrestler and somebody that just, gosh, I wanted to model so many things after, and Seth being his protege, and to give some of those fans service moments for the fans, but perhaps also for Triple H. Who, as all wrestlers — we’re all marks, fans, even at the highest level, which he’s been. But that was really touching.

“Especially, you’ve got to put it in perspective, as many of you know, I talked a lot of smack. I destroyed his throne. I was very loud, and vociferous, and just very intense... angry, I was just angry. And that was a moment of, no anger. Because why would I be angry. You guys are paying me this absurd amount of money and I get to be me? I get to be me, and especially coming from where I left here — there’s nothing to be angry about... but yeah, we spoke. Very excited to see him.”

I guess we always go after the ones we love.

Or maybe this is just one of the ways experience has changed Cody’s perspective? He talked elsewhere in the scrum about how he never wants to be an executive again, so walking a bit in Paul Levesque’s shoes seems to have gotten that out of his system.

Anger at The Game, or what he represented at WWE, isn’t the only youthful resentment Rhodes’ has let go of. It’s also not the only way Seth made sense for his match last night.

“He was part of this crop of guys and girls that were ‘Dusty’s kids’ from NXT. Whew, I hated all of Dusty’s kids. And I didn’t — that was unfair, it was just jealousy, just a little bit of bitterness in the soul. And what better revenge on earth is there than success? And he absolutely moved way ahead of me, way up the card. But to be able to share this, and... one of the hardest things to do in pro wrestling is get to the show. To get to the show and keep people’s imagination. That’s how I define a pro wrestler: your ability to capture their imagination from show to show. That’s what a pro wrestler is to me, and he did such a marvelous job to get there, and then to be able to take him by surprise within the confines of the show — it couldn’t have been anyone else.”

That’s a different answer than the guy who seemingly held a grudge against Bayley for carrying a teddy bear version of his dad on Raw (and probably for their relationship in general) would have given a few years ago.

Check out the whole scrum above, courtesy of our guy Rick Ucchino. And let us know in the comments below what you think about the Cody Rhodes who’s starting his second WWE run.

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