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Ronda Rousey was reportedly ‘furious’ her match didn’t main event Saturday’s WrestleMania 38 card (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Rousey has since responded to refute Alvarez’s report.

Just after WrestleMania 38 went on the air last night (Sat., April 2, 2022) from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, some strange rumors were going around social media that Ronda Rousey had walked out. She was there, however, because she went out and worked her scheduled match with Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown women’s championship, a match she lost after some shenanigans.

So what the hell were those rumors about?

Well, she reportedly did walk out, it was just the day before, and that’s why she wasn’t at the Hall of Fame ceremony. As Bryan Alvarez reported on The Bryan & Vinny Show, she was very upset when she found out her match wouldn’t be the main event:

“Ronda thought that she was going on last. She wasn’t. The Kevin Owens Show was going on last. And when she found out she was furious, I was told. One person who knows her, so I presume that this is true, said she was so mad Friday that she walked out. So she wasn’t at the Hall of Fame. Cooler heads prevailed, I guess, and she showed up today. … She was ANGRY that they did not go on last.”

If Rousey returned just a few short months after giving birth because she was pitched on a Royal Rumble win and a title match in the main event of WrestleMania, it’s certainly understandable why she would be none too happy that those plans, if that was indeed the case, changed. But this is a fluid business. Rousey is a big deal in WWE, absolutely, but the one of the biggest stars of all time decided he would have one more match, his first in nearly 20 years, in his home state of Texas.

There’s just no way that’s not headlining the show.

Like Alvarez said, cooler heads obviously prevailed, but if this report is true, it likely won’t endear Rousey to the fanbase.

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