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Rhodes family, Young Bucks, AEW talent on Cody’s WWE return

Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE has been expected since hours after the news broke he and his wife Brandi were leaving AEW. We’d heard for weeks he would make his first appearance for the company at WrestleMania 38, as Seth Rollins’ opponent.

Even with the advance warning, it was still wild to see the American Nightmare make his entrance in AT&T Stadium last night (April 2) — an entrance that was nearly identical to the last time we saw him on Dynamite in January — then go on to defeat Rollins in a match of the night candidate... on a very good night of matches.

If it was weird for fans, imagine how weird it must have been for Rhodes’ family and former co-workers. Well, we don’t have to completely imagine it because, like Cody himself, some of them have shared a bit about his new job finally becoming official.

We haven’t heard much from his former business partners, but at least two AEW Executive Vice-Presidents have chimed in. And Matt & Nick Jackson weighed in in their usual way, with their usual smart-ass sense of humor...

Young Bucks’ Twitter

What’s your take on Cody’s return to WWE?

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