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Logan Paul’s post-WrestleMania 38 interview may have been even better than his match

I’ll be damned, I think I like Logan Paul.

He won his first match after an impressive showing in the ring at WrestleMania 38 last night (Sat., April 2, 2022) in Arlington, Texas, defeating Rey & Dominik Mysterio alongside his tag team partner, The Miz. Paul, one of two celebrities working matches at this year’s big event, showed a real knack for the actual wrestling part of the gig.

After the win, in a surprise that delighted the live audience, The Miz turned on him.

But why?

Paul was asked about that in his post-match interview. The whole thing might be even better than the match:

“I think it’s equivalent to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. I’m still processing why Miz betrayed me. To be honest with you, if I had to guess, he’s probably jealous. I was doing flips, I went off the top rope, I was doing cool shit. Put quite simply, he’s obviously not capable of doing that shit. He’s older, he’s a little thicker. I’m nimble, I’m young, I’m spry. He just doesn’t have it like me and I think he got jealous and decided to turn on me.”

When asked if there’s anything he wants to say to Miz:

“I mean, it’s, like, bad. Like, fuck you, Miz. Fuck you so hard. Yeah, that’s it. Fuck you.”

Incredible stuff.

He’ll probably get a talking to about it, but this is fantastic. Who knows if we’re actually headed for a singles match between the two but I’m damn sure sold on it after this.

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