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Sheamus, Kofi Kingston react to their tag match being cut from WrestleMania Saturday

WWE delivered a really good show with WrestleMania Saturday on April 2, but there were a few down notes. Rick Boogs injury was the biggest one, but the scheduled New Day vs. Sheamus & Ridge Holland match being pulled from the card was another.

It certainly must have sucked for Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Sheamus, Holland, and Butch.

Word (via PWInsider) is the tag bout was cut because “a number of matches on the show” ran long. Sheamus would seem to be confirming at least some of that report:

Rather than blame other wrestlers and producers, you could point to the decision to have a two-hour Kickoff show without any matches. Or the many video packages for tonight and April 3’s show that aired during the broadcast — many of which also ran on the aforementioned Kickoff. Included in the pre-show promotion was hype for New Day vs. Sheamus & Holland, including an interview with Woods & Kingston, and a recap of coverage of Big E’s neck being broken earlier in the program.

At this point, all we can do is hope the match finds its way into Sunday’s line-up, even if that happens on the again-two hour Kickoff. Brushing himself off and moving on is the approach Kofi’s taking...

Fingers crossed the power of positivity nets us a little KofiMania Sunday.

UPDATE: It's happening (time permitted)!

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