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WWE tag team title unification match becomes a six-man

Remember weeks ago when Roman Reigns told The Usos to go to Monday Night Raw and beat RK-Bro for the Raw tag team titles so they could unify the tag belts too? And it led to a weeks long build to Friday Night SmackDown this week, where they would sign a contract for a match to do just that at WrestleMania Backlash on May 8, 2022, in Providence, Rhode Island?

Yeah, that’s not going to be happening now.

Instead, we’re getting a six man tag match:

Reigns himself ripped up the contract this week, doing so in support of shoving it in Riddle’s mouth while The Bloodline put the boots to RK-Bro. Drew McIntyre ran in to make the save, seemingly setting up two separate matches — the previously planned tag, and Reigns vs. McIntyre.

Instead, Paul Heyman threatened Adam Pearce and we ended up with a six-man tag where seemingly no title is on the line. That could certainly change but as you can see, that hasn’t been mentioned in any announcement just yet.