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Bobby Lashley takes scary fall outside the ring when the top rope snaps at a WWE live event

WWE is running a tour of live events in the United Kingdom right now.

A video of a scary incident has surfaced from their event in Newcastle today during an exchange in the ring between Drew McIntyre and “The All Mighty” Bobby Lashley.

Both men are running the ropes in what looks like a Claymore attempt coming from the Scottish Warrior. As Drew hits the ropes full force, the top rope suddenly snaps. Lashley then takes a frightening plunge outside of the ring immediately afterwards. The referee and another WWE official rush to check on Bobby:

The rope break and Lashley’s fall were obviously not part of the entertainment planned for this match. It looks like Sami Zayn checks on Bobby before rolling him back into the ring so they could continue the match. That’s at least an encouraging sign that Lashley avoided serious injury and felt able enough to finish the match.

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