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Adam Cole finds something nice to say about that dirt bag Pat McAfee

The personal grudge between AEW wrestler Adam Cole and WWE commentator Pat McAfee will likely never end. That being said, Cole can at least put his personal feelings to the side to recognize a good wrestler sports entertainer when he sees one.

In an interview with Stephanie Chase, Cole acknowledged that McAfee did an amazing job at WrestleMania 38 in his match against Austin Theory. Here is what he said, courtesy of this transcription from Post Wrestling:

“As a person, he’s [Pat McAfee] a dirt bag. Can’t stand him. But, if I will look objectively and talk about how much potential he has like you said, Pat McAfee blows my mind. He is so athletically gifted. As far as the wrestling part, he’s done great. Everyone knows he can talk for hours and he’s super compelling and interesting. Pat knocked it out of the park [at WrestleMania 38]. He did an amazing, amazing job. So yeah, as far as potential of where he could go and what he could do in the pro wrestling industry, I think he could go as far as he wants to. Seriously, to me, it was one of the highlights of the entire weekend was Pat’s match so, he’s a terrible person but a lot of potential. Lot of potential.”

Do you think McAfee will become a staple going forward as a WWE part-timer who competes each year at WrestleMania?

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