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MVP says you are an idiot if you compare Omos to ‘awful’ Khali

Omos is one of the worst wrestlers on the WWE roster today, at least outside of kayfabe. So why did WWE book him with an undefeated record for a full year between WrestleMania 37 and WrestleMania 38? The only reason I can come up with is that he is a giant man, and size still matters a ton to Vince McMahon.

Naturally, Omos’ presence on WWE television has drawn comparisons to The Great Khali. Khali wrestled for WWE from 2006 through 2014. Like Omos, Khali was a terrible wrestler who was given a significant push due to his very large size. It’s not that hard to understand why some fans might occasionally think of Khali when watching Omos awkwardly try to work a match.

If you make a comparison between Omos and Khali, however, MVP thinks you are an idiot. That’s what he said in the following tweet:

One point MVP is right about is that Omos has greater potential than The Great Khali. Omos is very inexperienced and WWE really hasn’t asked him to do much yet in the ring. It’s still too early to know how he will develop from here. Meanwhile, the Great Khali was perhaps the very worst wrestler I’ve ever watched who was pushed in a major company. It was obvious early on there was just no hope he would ever improve enough to have passable wrestling matches. MVP’s use of the word “awful” to describe him is quite accurate. Omos is already better now than Khali ever was in the ring. That’s not a compliment for Omos; just about every single wrestler who has ever stepped foot into the ring for a major wrestling company was immediately better than Khali.

I’ve seen enough from Omos to conclude he shouldn’t be doing singles matches on television right now. Omos can’t sell at all. He couldn’t even have a decent match with AJ Styles, who is one of the best wrestlers of this generation. Omos’ match with Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 38 was among the worst bouts of that weekend, and included a dangerous spot where it looked like Lashley’s skull hit the ring post while Omos was ramming him back-first into the corner buckles. The word “awful” can certainly be used to describe Omos’ wrestling right now. But that doesn’t mean he can’t get better as he gains more experience in the ring, similarly to the way Braun Strowman did.

The point is, MVP is wrong when he says fans are idiots if they compare Omos to Khali. Omos is very bad right now, and Khali was always very bad. It’s reasonable that some fans might make a comparison between the two until Omos shows major improvement in the ring.

As is the case with many pro wrestler tweets, MVP could very well be blurring the lines between reality and kayfabe when he calls people idiots, so keep that in mind. He is Omos’ manager after all, so of course he’s going to heel on critics of Omos while praising his guy.

What do you think Omos’ ceiling is, Cagesiders? Do you think he is ready for a big step forward in his upcoming rematch with Lashley at WrestleMania Backlash?

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