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FTR questions WWE’s motives for wanting to re-sign them

Last week, rumors hit that WWE was discussing trying to re-sign FTR when their AEW contracts expire. Additional reporting indicated that wouldn’t be for at least a couple years anyway, but that didn’t stop discussion as this was clearly a topic that fascinated wrestling fans. Would Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler pull a Cody Rhodes, and someday return triumphant to the company they worked to escape because it didn’t value them during their first run there?

The team known as The Revival from 2016-2020 visited with their pal Renee Paquette on The Sessions, and of course WWE’s alleged interest came up.

Harwood reiterated what FTR’s said elsewhere about not talking contracts with anyone as long as they’re with AEW. Beyond that, they seem pretty skeptical about the prospect of returning to WWE.

Dax: We left that place because they didn’t put a focus on tag team wrestling and we knew there was a ceiling to where we could go in the company. We wanted to do more, we wanted to be known as the greatest tag team of all time and we had to leave there to do that...

And then I started thinking, ‘Do they want us? Or do they want AEW to not have us? It’s cool for Cody to do what he’s done, but there’s just so many unknowns there. Would they ever focus on tag team wrestling the way we’ve been able to the last two years?

Cash: I don’t know how much has changed there as far as what we wanted tag team wrestling to be. And now, we’re getting to show everybody what tag team wrestling can be and what our vision of it is.

And unlike Rhodes, when FTR discusses their specific goals, neither requires working for Vince McMahon.

Cash: I have two things that are very high on the list for me, we want to be the first-ever two-time AEW Tag Team Champions. Until then or after then, we want the IWGP tag team titles and that’s very, very important to us and that’s something we’ve wanted to do for awhile.

Dax: If we do get the opportunity to win the IWGP Tag Team Championships, we’ll be the only tag team in history to hold WWE’s Raw, Smackdown, NXT, AEW, AAA, ROH, and IWGP but if we do all that, if we hold all those titles, is there a debate anymore?

Give the Top Guys entire chat with Top Gal Renee Paquette a listen here.

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