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Mustafa Ali returns to WWE to confront Theory (UPDATED)

It was back on Jan. 16 that Mustafa Ali took to social media to publicly request his release from WWE, saying he had bigger plans that he couldn’t accomplish while working for the company. Said company did not grant his request, however, and he’s simply been off television ever since.

Until now.

Ali made his return to Monday Night Raw this week in Knoxville, interrupting Theory’s appearance on “Miz TV” to ask for a shot at the United States championship the artist formerly known as Austin just won last week. After some back-and-forth, in which Ali tried to trash talk his way into it, we ended up with Ali vs. The Miz, who told him “after this match I’m going to make you wish you got your walking papers.”

So Ali’s request for a release is now officially a part of his story on television, if only in a roundabout way.

Either way, he’s back.

Excited for it?

Update: Ali would defeat The Miz in their match but while he was celebrating walking backwards towards the backstage area he was attacked from behind by Tommaso Ciampa. The first main roster feud for the former NXT mainstay?

Stay tuned.

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