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Asuka returns on Raw

Becky Lynch was on Monday Night Raw this week in the midst of her first appearance on WWE television since losing the Raw women’s championship to Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 38 weeks ago, lamenting her defeat, realizing she had hit rock bottom. She responded to that realization with some measure of hope, that there is only one way to go now and that’s up, and this gave her a newfound confidence in herself.

Whoever could stop her?

Cue another big return.

One Lynch definitely was not ready for.

Indeed, Asuka made her way out to thunderous cheers while Lynch looked on in shock. She danced her way to the ring, reveling in the cheers of the Knoxville faithful, before delivering a single line.

“I will stop you,” she began, “because no one is ready for Asuka.”

She even flicked her nose!

Becky took a swing at her but when Asuka ducked out of the way, she ran like hell out of there. The former champ was left shellshocked once more, right back to feeling uncertain about everything. One has to think these two are headed for a match but it wasn’t announced here.

Stay tuned.

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