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John Cena shuts down Theory’s attempt to heel on him in very John Cena fashion

Austin Theory’s Instagram

Saturday was John Cena’s birthday. The Face That Used To Run The Place turned 45, and received well wishes from all ‘round the wrestling world... including from a 24 year old who’s often compared to the 16 time WWE World champ — Austin Theory.

The newly crowned United States champion just so happened to have some video of himself heeling on a young Cena fan handy, so he included it in his birthday tweet.

It took the five-time U.S. champ a little while to respond (probably celebrating and/or working on his next big Hollywood project), but today he did. Cena no sells the young man’s attempts at villainy in a fashion that fits right in with his generally self-help-y Twitter feed, and the motivational challenge he usually delivers to folks on the WWE roster:

Take that, young man!

A Theory vs. Cena match or feud feels like it should be a no-brainer for one John’s brief future returns, but the Peacemaker star isn’t giving us much fodder for it here. Maybe he’ll return in 2042 to shame Theory for not living up to his potential.

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