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Tammy Sytch makes first statement on her involvement in fatal car crash

Getting back with Damien Darling wasn't one of Sunny's best life decisions Photo by Mshake3 of Wikimedia Commons.

Until recently, WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch had not commented on the car accident she was involved in last month in Ormond Beach, Florida which left one person dead.

Results of a toxicology test done on Sytch at the time of the crash — which involved her rear-ending a stopped vehicle, causing it collide with a third car — have not been released, and she has not been charged with a crime. The estate of Julian L. Lasseter, the 75 year old who died in the automobile struck by the car Sytch was driving, is suing her and her boyfriend James F. Pente. The suit alleges negligence on Sytch’s part and says Pente is ‘vicariously liable’ for her actions for allowing her to use his vehicle.

The 49 year old Sytch has been somewhat active online since the Mar. 25 incident, mostly promoting her OnlyFans page. Last week, she antagonistically asked why people hate-follow celebrities. An exchange followed which constitutes her first statement about the accident, where she denies responsibility for Lasseter’s death and seems to claim she suffered a seizure which resulted in the crash:

Sytch & Pente have yet to respond to the Lasseter lawsuit. This the latest in a long line of legal issues for Sytch, many of which have been related to her abuse of alcohol and other substances.

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