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Thank the wrestling gods for Drew Gulak

In the pro wrestling world we tend to speak the most about wrestlers at or near the top and their pursuit of that top spot. Everyone wants to be the big star, the champion, the money act, the performer the fans pay the money to see.

The thing about that is that person cannot exist without supporting acts willing to put them over. The beauty of pro wrestling isn’t in what it offers the top stars but how those top stars became that — someone, or rather many someones, did a lot to put them there.

Those folks never get enough credit, which is why I want to give a shout to Drew Gulak.

His entire job the past two weeks has been to put over first Charlotte Flair — who took him down and made him tap out before then making him scream “I quit” as loud as possible — and then Ronda Rousey — who styled on him by taking him down with ease and then applying an armbar to him WHILE she was signing a contract for her upcoming match with Flair.

Flair was made to look great. Rousey was made to look great. Gulak was made to look like shit. We stand in praise of him today for exactly that because someone has to be willing to look like shit so the big stars can look like big stars.

As the great Pat McAfee would say, shaht aht to Drew Gulak.

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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