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Scott Steiner explains why he made peace with WWE

When rumors about The Steiners getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame began to swirl, the focus was on Scott. Big Poppa Pump’s said some incendiary things about the company and members of its executive team over the years. Would he accept an invitation to join Vince McMahon’s club? If he did, would he be on his best behavior the festivities?

While his nephew Bron Breakker joked about the possibility of his uncle going rogue while introducing Rick & Scott’s speech at the Induction Ceremony, the Genetic Freak was a picture of professionalism all WrestleMania weekend long. In a new interview with The Detroit News, the WWE, WCW & TNA legend explained where the negativity went:

“You’ve gotta let it go, you can’t harbor all the bad feelings. You’ve gotta grow up.”

Adam Graham’s piece also mentioned that, as many of suspected, Scott let it go because Rick’s son is a likely future WWE main event star.

A big part of that lesson is seeing Scott’s nephew (Rick’s son) Bronson Rechsteiner, an up-and-comer in WWE who wrestles as Bron Breakker, carry on the family legacy.

Bronson — who used to ride his big wheel over to the house and cut promos in the driveway on his uncle, using Scott’s own words from TV against him — is the one who inducted the Steiners into the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania weekend, and Scott sees him as a big part of why they got the call to join this year’s Hall of Fame class.

Check out Detroit News’ entire conversation with the younger Steiner brother here.

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