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Alexa Bliss has a new frame of mind

Alexa Bliss was written out of WWE kayfabe last September after Charlotte Flair ripped apart her stupid doll, Lilly. Alexa entered therapy in January. The therapist was a scam artist who likely charged her a ton of money just to irrationally conclude she was cured as long as she carried around a replica of Lilly that was stuffed with parts of the original. Bliss returned for one match at Elimination Chamber before vanishing out of WWE kayfabe immediately afterwards (with no explanation given) and missing out on WrestleMania 38.

It sounds like WWE Creative simply had nothing for the former multi-time women’s champion on the biggest show of the year. How about that? Alexa was even left scratching her head and apparently very frustrated over this maddening situation.

Since then, Alexa got married. And based on this tweet of hers, it sounds like she has a whole new perspective on life:

This tweet could very well have nothing to do with pro wrestling, of course. But given the rollercoaster that has been Alexa Bliss’ WWE booking in 2022, it’s probably best to just start all over again. The latest rumor suggests WWE considers her to be a babyface on the Raw roster right now. So we’ll see if that’s where she is positioned whenever she returns to television.

How do you see the rest of 2022 playing out for Alexa Bliss in WWE, Cagesiders?

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