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Bray Wyatt is now a large red circle

Windham Rotunda, formerly known as WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt, is in the rumor mill once again today, this time in relation to his alleged high asking price in the pro wrestling market.

Windham also happens to be tweeting cryptic things today about losing his humanity. He changed his Twitter name to a large red circle, and changed his avatar to something that is definitely not human. Check it out for yourself:

By the end of 2015 I learned to pretty much tune out any and all cryptic messages that came out of the mouth of the character Bray Wyatt, and I’ve reached that same point with Windham’s cryptic messages on Twitter. So I’m not looking for any hidden messages about his future plans here, or if it is a coincidence that these tweets popped up when his name is relevant in the pro wrestling rumor mill once again.

But that’s just my approach, and you may feel very differently. Do you care to take a guess as to what Windham is going on about here, Cagesiders?

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