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Kacy Catanzaro tries to explain her new WWE name

The WWE Name Generator’s been working overtime of late, and over the weekend, word got out about a couple more changes coming for NXT talent.

One of those was confirmed in a “Digital Exclusive” posted online after the April 19 episode. While setting up a tag match with her partner Kayden Carter* against Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz for next Tuesday’s NXT, Kacy Catanzaro officially became Katana Chance. She also tried her darnedest to justify switching from her real name — which she made famous on American Ninja Warrior and has been wrestling under since debuting with WWE in 2018...

“Everyone knows me as Kacy Catanzaro, and that is me. But there are parts of me that people haven’t seen — except maybe Kayden — where I get to do what I want. And that’s like shooting back straight whiskey and letting loose. And Kayden isn’t the only one that can party and shake a little something. That is Katana Chance. And that is the energy that I’ll be bringing to NXT from now on.”

Alrightee then.

“Katana Chance” sounds more like a fighting game character or someone Bruce Wayne would date than a hard-drinking, party-loving sports entertainer. But this is NXT 2.0 we’re talking about, as evidenced by the fact there’s as much about dancing as there is wrestling in that interview. So... sure.

Here’s hoping there’s a better explanation when Kay Lee Ray becomes “Alba Frye”.

* Carter is presumably safe from the new Vince McMahon rule since they switched away from Lacey Lane — her real name, which she also used on the indies — back in 2019.

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