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Stand & Deliver results: Dolph Ziggler is still your NXT champion


After a day full of title changes (save for Mandy Rose) and good wrestling matches, NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler took center stage to battle it out with rising star Bron Breakker in the main event of Stand & Deliver at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Considering his status as the obvious next man up, would WWE put the title back on Breakker and have him continue as the new face of NXT 2.0? Or would he be heading straight for the main roster?

Hell, would WWE leave the title on Ziggler?

The story they told in the match was Breakker using everything he’s relied on to win in his young career and Ziggler kicking out of all of it. As Wade Barrett put it, “what do you do when everything you’re used to working is no longer working?”

As it turned out, a spear and a powerslam were about to be enough to do it when Robert Roode showed up — after having already been sent to the back — and dragged Ziggler out to make the save. He tried to get Dolph go simply go to the back, but Breakker hit a big dive out of the ring before he could bail.

When he got back in the ring, however, Ziggler hit the Famouser and then the Zig Zag ... for two!

The momentum had swung back in the champ’s direction, but it wasn’t long before Breakker got himself back up and hit another spear. But before the follow up slam, he got poked in the eye and Ziggler followed up with a superkick that got the pin.

Should we be looking for Breakker on Monday night now?

Stay tuned.

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