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NXT Stand & Deliver results: Tommaso Ciampa does the job on his way out

Tommaso Ciampa was somewhat vague at first but much less subtle later on about what his match at today’s (Sat., April 2, 2022) NXT Stand & Deliver event at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas would mean to him. It would be his swan song in NXT, the place he’s spent the past seven years plying his trade.

Tony D’Angelo would be his final opponent, a match set up when Tony D decided he wanted to be the new Don of NXT.

If it was indeed the end of Ciampa in NXT, he went out the way wrestlers have done it traditionally — putting someone else over on the way out. In this case, he used a few callbacks to his time in NXT to throw the kitchen sink at D’Angelo but Tony D survived each time.

When they went to the outside, where Ciampa had pulled up the mats, D’Angelo hit a DDT on the exposed concrete. He tossed his opponent back in the ring and after one kick to the head, finally, mercifully, he pinned Ciampa.

D’Angelo quickly exited stage left to give Ciampa his moment. Tommaso kissed the ring before standing up and looking out at the fans chanting “thank you, Ciampa.” He acknowledged them with a kiss and a wave before walking out.

Before he got to the back, Triple H’s music hit and he pulled Tommaso back to the stage to take it in. Ciampa couldn’t help but cry at the gesture, and at the moment. Triple H gave him a hug and they shared a moment on stage.

So long.

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