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A great way to gear up for WrestleMania

Full disclosure — Homage is a Cageside Seats affiliate, so we will receive a small commission if this inspires you to buy anything. I could tell you all the stuff about how that helps ensure we can keep bringing you the same level of pro wrestling coverage & analysis you enjoy, and hopefully grow to bring you more diverse perspectives on our favorite pastime. That’s all true... but you all know the deal. So let’s just talk about some cool gear, shall we?

We wrestling fans love our merch. But a lot of what’s readily available either feels like you’re wearing a shirt made out of drywall, or is so garishly designed your self-confidence level needs to be 9000 to wear it in public. A lot of times it’s both.

Homage is my answer to those problems. Above all, they just make comfy clothes. Their shirts are soft, breathable, well-made, and properly-sized.

They’re also good-looking. It helps that Homage’s WWE Collection is focused on wrestling’s past - retro/vintage is always cool. Don’t believe me? It was good enough for these fans and future champions.

It’s ’Mania season, and that’s always been Stone Cold Steve Austin’s time. Shouldn’t we honor him and his love of cold beer & kicking ass as he’s set to make a return to confront Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38? Oh hell yeah.

If you’re on Team KO, or the Texas Rattlesnake just isn’t your guy? You’ll still find your faves in Homage’s extensive collection of designs. There’s plenty of options, with lots of big stars and matches throughout WrestleMania history represented.

The bottom line, as Stone Cold would say? If you’re gearing up for WrestleMania, you should check out Homage. They’re the cream of the crop.

Oops, that’s a different guy’s line. But you can get shirts with The Macho Man on them at Homage too. Oh yeah! Do it here.

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