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Can The Street Profits steal the show and the Raw tag titles?

Montez Ford called his shot in the triple threat tag team match for tag team glory. Who is coming with him?

Raw’s tag team division is on fire as of late. Why? Glad you asked. RK-Bro, Alpha Academy, and The Street Profits keep reliving dope matches on a semi-regular basis. Two of these teams recently competed in a triple threat tag that is easily one of the best matches of the year. The other? Well, they’re out for blood with a new attitude and finally ready to take what’s theirs rather than politely ask. But before we get into all of that, we need to talk about how we got here and set the stage for the proceedings on a fine Sunday evening.

Alpha Academy and RK-Bro don’t like each other. It’s less about the gold and more about a fundamental disagreement on life. Chad Gable believes Riddle is a moron, Riddle and Randy Orton believe Gable is a pompous ass, while Otis just wants to destroy Rk-Bro for existing. But they do have one thing in common: Both teams utilize a similar strategy and isolate whom they believe is the weakest link. RK-Bro wants no smoke with Otis and Alpha Academy wants none with Randy Orton.

But the team who wants the smoke with everyone is The Street Profits. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins have a victory over RK-Bro. They also want to avenge their tag team championship loss a (Down Since) Day 1 way back in January. Yup, it’s already April. Anyway, the Profits have quite the bone to pick with the Raw tag champs, and got tired of waiting in line for a shot. The fact that said shot is coming at WrestleMania is only icing on the cake. The Profits remember shaking hands and making nice with RK-Bro earlier this year after taking an L.

They remember being cool with Riddle and comparing “party favors.” But they know that stuff doesn’t win titles. Ironically, it’s Montez and Angelo who took Randy’s lessons on viciousness and aggression to heart, showing no issue going after anyone who dare keeps them away from the titles they believe they deserve. Crashing Randy’s “party”—it sucked—for RK-Bro’s latest championship win was a bridge too far for Riddle, but it’s right out of Randy’s maniacal laugh-filled playbook.

While the RK-Bro story is, on its surface, about an unlikely duo becoming friends and achieving greatness, its underlying angle is how the friendship changes both men. Randy shows parts of himself we never knew existed and even, for the first time ever, called someone “friend.” Riddle, however, is still pretty much the same cat. Sure, he does Randy’s moves and mannerisms, but his character is intact.

Even Alpha Academy evolved during this feud, not only showing more charisma and charm, but adding ruthlessness to their equation as well. Knowing Randy Orton sits atop the tag division created a ripple effect where everyone chasing those titles developed an even bigger chip on their shoulders than he has.

Except Riddle.

If they lose, and I’m hoping they do to the Profits of the Street, I’m curious as to where we go with Riddle and Randy. Do they continue tagging? Is Randy only calling Riddle his friend because of success? Or do they keep going for a few months and eventually fight each other at the next big show?

Alpha Academy is here not because they deserved a rematch but because WWE wants to capture lighting in a bottle again with a *ahem* stupendous triple threat tag team tussle. They know all three of these teams can deliver on a big stage, so giving them the biggest stage seems foolproof. There’s a chance RK-Bro walks away with the gold but there aren’t many teams left of which they can dance. Taking the belts off of them now provides a nice reset for the division and the stories going forward.

But that’s just one man’s opinion. What say you, Cagesiders? Are we re-entering the era of SHUUUSH? Will Rk-Bro keep the mojo flowing? Or is it finally time for the Profits to fulfill their prophecy?

RK-Bro defend their Raw tag team championships against The Street Profits and Alpha Academy tomorrow at WrestleMania Sunday, starting at 8 PM ET. Keep it here to for all your WrestleMania coverage on both nights.


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