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Stone Cold: ‘Never say never’ but ‘I’m sure I’m done wrestling’

Steve Austin said he felt great after wrestling at WrestleMania 38, then gave a very pro wrestling answer about WrestleMania 39 and beyond.

We haven’t heard much from Stone Cold Steve Austin since his triumphant return to the ring at WrestleMania 38 earlier this month.

Now we’ve got the 57 year old’s first shoot comments since besting Kevin Owens in a No Holds Barred match on Saturday, then returning the next night to hit Stunners on Theory, Mr. McMahon, and Pat McAfee. And where else would we get those comments from than the beer industry podcast, Brewbound?

Austin no sold any physical issues coming out of being suplexed onto concrete (among other things) at Arlington, Texas’ AT&T Stadium:

“Oh, I’m 100 percent. I picked up a little bit of a cold the other day but I’m back home in Nevada. Shoot, [Saturday], I was 100 percent and of course went back in action on Sunday, did a little extra physicality as a part of the show but, you know, it’s just an exciting time for me to back to a business that I really, really love and you know, I never thought I’d be back in a ring but, there we were headlining, main event for the — headlining WrestleMania for night one and it was just truly an honor to be out there and really excited to be out there...”

After talking about how great it was to drink the Broken Skull IPA he puts out with El Segundo Brewing (this was a beer industry pod), Austin was asked if he’ll be at WrestleMania 39 next August in Inglewood, California. He gives a season pro wrestling veteran answer:

“Well [laughs], for me to participate in WrestleMania 38, if you would’ve told me, ‘Hey man, you’re gonna be a part of WrestleMania 38. Not only that, you’re gonna main event night one.’ I would’ve said you’re full of sh*t and you’re crazy. and there I was in Dallas, Texas headlining main event on day one, so never say never.

“But I would really imagine that within the scope of that show, that’s gonna be a big show in a big-time city and it’ll be a two-night event again, so I’m not— I’m sure I’m done wrestling per se, but as a part of WWE, I can’t imagine I would not be there in some capacity and I’m not booking myself on the show because I didn’t book myself on 38. That’s a Vince thing and I have a great relationship with him and if I get the call, I’ll be there.”

For the longest time, Stone Cold felt like the exception to the rule when it came to wrestling retirements. Now that he’s broken the seal, will he go back to being done, or start to pop up more often?

Let us know what you think, and thanks to Post Wrestling for transcribing those quotes.

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