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Sasha Banks has a good idea for her & Naomi’s next WWE Women’s Tag title feud

From November 2021 until February of this year, WWE more or less forgot about their Women’s Tag team titles. When they realized they had a bunch of women’s wrestlers — including multiple former main roster champions — with nothing to do for WrestleMania 38, they suddenly remembered that spare pair of championship belts titles Carmella & Zelina Vega had been carrying around.

But just as soon as Sasha Banks & Naomi became champs in a good 4Way match at WrestleMania Sunday, WWE started to forget about those white, silver & gold straps again. The division they built up for ‘Mania started to fall apart. First Mella & Zelina split, then Natalya went to start a program in NXT. Last night (April 18) on Raw, Rhea Ripley turned on Liv Morgan.

That left the champs as the only established tag team on the main roster. Banks isn’t worried about. She’s suggesting to her partner that they should go after the same titles her husband & brother-in-law are...

I’d pay to see it. Would be a heck of a match, and give Sasha & Naomi something to do while waiting to see if there’s anything to the rumors of Baszler being paired with Ronda Rousey. Or if maybe Katana Chance & Kayden Carter will be called up soon.

And hey, if the Women’s Tag titles were unified with one or both of the men’s championships, maybe WWE would remember them more than twice a year? Probably not, but a person can dream, can’t they?

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