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Here’s 73 year old Ric Flair wrestling and WOO-ing with Jay Lethal

Hulk Hogan has given up on pursuing the proverbial one more match, but his fellow gimmick-living legend Ric Flair may not have.

In response to an unspecified challenge, yesterday (April 18) the 73 year old Nature Boy posted the following video of him bumping around in the ring with AEW’s Jay Lethal.

It is a pretty remarkable display from someone who’s had multiple serious health situations in recent history. I’ll confess to being happy to write about Flair re-visiting his classic “WOO Off” with Lethal rather than his latest shady comments about WWE or Becky Lynch, and definitely rather than allegations of sexual misconduct that resurfaced with last year’s Dark Side of the Ring episode about “The Plane Ride From Hell”.

But since it’s impossible (at least for this writer) to forget about those things when anything Naitch-related comes up these days, we’ll just say that our reaction pretty much matches his daughter’s. Charlotte Flair posted this on the Instagram version of Ric’s video...

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