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The 24/7 title double wedding was everything I wanted it to be and more

Bah gawd, they went and did it again.

It wasn’t long ago I was telling y’all the 24/7 title scene was quietly entertaining as hell. Well, it was loudly entertaining as hell on Monday Night Raw this week.

A double wedding ceremony — what they called a double commitment ceremony — was held featuring Reggie tying the knot with Dana Brooke while Akira Tozawa got hitched with Tamina. R-Truth presided over the whole thing as the “official certified marriaging guy.”

The whole damn thing was brilliant:

Truth was funny as hell all throughout, playing off the crowd and giving us his usual quirky quips. Sasha Banks & Naomi made a special surprise appearance as Tamina’s bridesmaids, and the two of them deserve a damn standing ovation for their work in the support role here. Banks, in particular, was outstanding. You could have kept your eyes on her for the entire segment and still been wildly entertained all throughout. She was awesome.

In the end, it went exactly the way you knew it would, with all four of the participants in the double wedding ceremony trading pinfalls. Reggie instantly turned on his new wife to take the title from her, before Tamina kicked him and pinned him to win it herself, before she was felled by Tozawa crawling under her dress to roll her up, before the now recovered Brooke came off the top rope and got the pin to regain the title. She hopped on Truth’s back and ran the hell out to end the segment.

What a thrill ride.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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