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The lie detector test determined Ezekiel is not Elias

He was telling the truth all along.

When a man looking suspiciously like a beardless Elias showed up on Monday Night Raw weeks ago, fans expected an explanation on where he’s been and why he looked so different. We were all told instead that he wasn’t, in fact, Elias but rather his younger brother, Ezekiel.

Fair enough!

Any decent, well meaning person who doesn’t lie and turn on their friends by powerbombing them onto the ring apron would take him at his word and assume honesty. Naturally, Kevin Owens instantly called him a liar, claiming it all a facade, even while everyone else accepted Ezekiel’s explanation.

Because, really, why wouldn’t you?

Owens was so upset, so certain of the reality he crafted in his own mind, he paid good money ($150 Canadian) to noted genius and respecter of academic integrity Chad Gable to preside over a lie detector test on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Ezekiel willingly took said test and passed with flying colors. Of course he did! He’s not Elias.

He’s Ezekiel.

Despite the clear cut, inarguable results of the test, Owens doubled down and pouted his way to the back after Ezekiel decided to finally stand up for himself. The guy went along with all of this nonsense, proving himself the whole way, and was met only with scorn.

Poor guy.

After all, his brother is off doing his own thing and he hasn’t seen him in a while. We should have some sympathy for the man.

To top it all off, Gable attacked him from behind, leading to a match between the two. Ezekiel was about to win that match too, when Otis hit the ring and bull rushed him. This man Zeke simply can’t get a fair shake anywhere!

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