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Main roster manager LA Knight gave his client MACE a new name

We shared that LA Knight got a tryout as the manager manager gig he was rumored for before SmackDown’s camera started rolling last Friday (April 15).

The initial footage of the former Eli Drake announcing his Knight Model Management agency didn’t include the full introduction of his first client, however. Some high quality video* of the entire segment has leaked online, and it includes Knight giving said client a new name. Brennan “Dio Maddin” Williams is no longer RETRIBUTION’s MACE. Now he’s KMM’s FACE.

See it unfold in this video (for however long it lasts):

Speaking of “however long it lasts”... will Knight’s main roster managerial run make it off dark matches and to TV? Will FACE stick with Knight Model Management? Are other talents about to sign with LA’s agency?

* Seriously, this looks like somebody hacked WWE’s feed. It also make me think this may eventually show up on the typically Monday-taping Main Event or something.

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