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Roman Reigns wrestles for the first time since WrestleMania 38, is actually a good guy (but he’ll deny that)

Remember all that annoyingly persistent legitimate injury talk surrounding Roman Reigns in the moments after his WrestleMania 38 match with Brock Lesnar? Despite the fact that no major media outlet ever reported on as much, and, in fact, the likes of the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer said no audible was called and the match went as planned, talk persisted.

As my main man Sean Reuter mentioned, said talk would likely do just that until Reigns actually wrestled, something he didn’t do on television in the weeks after the aforementioned Lesnar match that started all this talk.

Well, we can put an end to that now, once and for all, because Reigns did indeed wrestle in the main event of the WWE house show, dubbed “Saturday Night’s Main Event” just last night (April 16, 2022) in Erie, Pennsylvania, defeating Drew McIntyre.

After the match, he got on the microphone and was a full blown babyface to the fans in attendance, even though he said he would deny it if anyone posted it on social media:

What a guy.

Or hologram.

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