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Becky Lynch has picked out a project to launch her career in Hollywood

Game On! Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Shortly before she took a break from WWE to start her family with Seth Rollins, there was a lot of talk about Becky Lynch’s Hollywood future.

With rave reviews from the creators who hired her for to play herself on the cable hit Billions, and rumors of a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some had The Man tabbed as the next The Rock. While Lynch always talks about how dedicated she is to pro wrestling, the 35 year old hasn’t denied having goals outside the business.

She spoke about them recently, and we don’t just mean this pun-y callback to the MCU rumor...

No, we’re referring to a recent interview with TVInsider’s Scott Fishman where Big Time Becks revealed she has her eye on a project:

“There is a script that landed on my desk about a female boxer that I have been trying to track down the writers for. A female boxer from Ireland who came over and made her name as champion over here. I relate to that story…as the main event!”

A Rocky-esque immigrant story sounds like a good fit for the woman who once dubbed herself Becky Balboa. What do you think, about this potential movie/show, or Lynch’s Hollywood prospects in general?

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