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WWE trolls AEW after Dynamite’s very bad ending

On the surface, the concept of WWE’s latest top 10 video seems harmless enough. WALTER Gunther debuted last week on SmackDown and won his first match in dominant fashion. To follow up on that moment, WWE released the following video ranking the ten most dominant in-ring debuts.

Here’s what they came up with:

10. The Boogeyman
9. The Ultimate Warrior
8. Mankind
7. Bobby Lashley
6. Yokozuna
5. Kane
4. Gunther
3. Omos
2. Ronda Rousey
1. The Great Khali

Yes, WWE ranked The Great Khali’s in-ring debut at number one.

It can’t be a coincidence that this video comes out the morning after AEW Dynamite’s very bad ending, where Satnam Singh debuted and applied a vice grip on Samoa Joe’s skull. It’s the very same move that another seven foot tall pro wrestling giant, The Great Khali, used as his finisher for years in WWE. Khali was a terrible wrestler, of course, and holding onto someone’s head was one of the few moves he could actually perform. AEW fans are hoping Singh has more moves up his sleeve and the knee-jerk comparisons to Khali’s wrestling style will prove to be foolish.

The bottom line is that AEW is getting dunked on for the flat ending to Dynamite, and WWE has decided to get in on the fun too. That’s some quality trolling right there.

What do you think of WWE’s troll game, Cagesiders?

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